Friday, May 25, 2012


  • I don't really think this will make a difference. People know how to typel.
  • Colin
    Well something happened, because the links to other search engines are gone, and this is there now:
    This site has no affiliation with the search engine Bing.com
    You can find them at www.bing.com.
    Sounds like someone made him afraid of something.
  • Seems like monetizing the domain in some way might be more beneficial than hoping Microsoft will buy it.
  • Derek
    The thing is, now that this post has put this TM Typo on the map, Microsoft (who I assume will in some capacity see this) will have to be very careful of it's next move. Buying this domain would only send a message that we (everyone reading this) can infringe on it's marks, and yet still make money selling back something that is rightfully theirs. If Microsoft buys this OBVIOUS bad faith name, I think we should all take that as a message that we can all profit off of Microsoft's hard work.
    Microsoft, are you reading this?
  • Hrm, I have to think that the domain squatter in question, Patrick McAuliffe, must've realized that had he simply parked the domain "wwwbing.com" with a page of sponsored links, it would seriously weaken his case should Microsoft ever try to claim the domain either through UDRP (uniform dispute resolution policy) binding arbitration or through the court system. By making up a simple page with apparently "legitimate" content about the main character in children's story "under development" where the character's initials happen to be "W.W.W. Bing", I think he's hoping the UDRP panel or court justice would more likely side in his favour.
    It may help a bit, but I don't think the intelligent jurist(s) will have any problem seeing through that thin veil of deceit on the part of McAuliffe. The key question will probably surround prior usage of the domain and character's name before Microsoft launched the Bing search engine publicly. If, in fact, McAuliffe registered "wwwbing.com" before Microsoft launched Bing publicly and he had legitimate content before Microsoft's bing was "birthed" to the world, then I think McAuliffe has a strong case.
    I have my doubts though. The fact he approached Microsoft indicates he's likely a greedy, money-grubbing, domain squatting whore. :)
    Doug Mehus
  • Lamia
    'A troll squats on wwwbing.com- Literally'.
    Not quite. Literally would be a physical troll actually physically crouching over a web domain- perhaps to take a $hit.
  • So, would he be violating copyright if he put up an google Adsense parked page? I'm sure he would make a killing!
  • Sean
    Just did a Google search for "Walter Will Wawrika Bing" and Microsoft is throwing up Adwords under the term now.....gotta love people with money to burn.
    Nice article!
  • AndreaF
    He just changed the picture
  • Richard
    Same guy has also registered Googl7.com
  • matt
    Domain name: WWWBING.COM
    Created on: 2009-03-26
    Updated on: 2009-10-12
    Expires on: 2010-03-26
    Registrant Name: PATRICK MCAULIFFE
    Contact: Patrick McAuliffe
    Registrant Address: Siena House Knockanish East, The Spa Tralee Kerry
    Registrant City: Ireland
    Registrant Postal Code: 353
    Registrant Country: IE
    Administrative Contact Organization: Namesco Limited
    Administrative Contact Name: Domain Administrator
    Administrative Contact Address: Acton House, Perdiswell Park
    Administrative Contact City: Worcester
    Administrative Contact Postal Code: WR3 7GD
    Administrative Contact Country: GB
    Administrative Contact Email:
    Administrative Contact Tel: +44 845 3633630
    Technical Contact Organization: Namesco Limited
    Technical Contact Name:
    Technical Contact Address: Acton House, Perdiswell Park
    Technical Contact City: Worcester
    Technical Contact Postal Code: WR3 7GD
    Technical Contact Country: GB
    Technical Contact Email:
    Technical Contact Phone: +44 845 3633630
    Technical Contact Fax: +44 845 363 3631
    Primary Name Server Hostname: NS0.REG365.NET
    Secondary Name Server Hostname: NS1.REG365.NET
  • matt
    gone. now talking about a children's book:
    "Walter Will Wawrinka Bing is my new childrens book which is due out on the 5th April 2010. I know I have many fans around the world. I hope Walter Will Wawrinka Bing can be as successful as Harry Potter
    God bless America,
    Patrick from Ireland"
  • Is it just me or is the troll really gone?
  • I suspect he knows that Microsoft will be able to take it from him. When they do so, the bad publicity for Microsoft that this story will generate has potential to give him even more traffic.
    Given that the green matches the green at http://www.register365.com/
    I have to wonder if it's all a clever way to promote http://www.register365.com/
    Oh, wait...
  • poopturd
    The green matches? Are you colour blind?
  • My Locator ®
    worthless property. i can think of about alot more serious domaining going on than this garbage. this puts a bad rap on trolls. some trolls are good people and would never be involved with such nonsense.
  • Yaeks.. looks like that troll needs some hanky!
  • so not done.
  • Matt
    hmm... testing social media stuff.
  • seems like you filter "code";
    I was talking about:
    meta name="keywords" content="Sport,Bing,Google,Yahoo,Sex,Food,Travel,PC games,Computers,Iphones,Playboy,Wine,Drink,Women,Dating,Aliens,Mars,Racing,Football,Soccer,Dancing,America,Europe,Mortgages,Business,TV,Radio,Newspapers,Cars,Insurance,Diet,Titanic,Elvis,Finance,Murder,"
    meta name="description" content="Sport,Bing,Google,Yahoo,Sex,Food,Travel,PC games,Computers,Iphones,Playboy,Wine,Drink,Women,Dating,Aliens,Mars,Racing,Football,Soccer,Dancing,America,Europe,Mortgages,Business,TV,Radio,Newspapers,Cars,Insurance,Diet,Titanic,Elvis,Finance,Murder,"
  • DW
    Hilarious. Searched for "Walter Will Wawrinka Bing" on Bing and got 7 hits!
  • Joe
    Squeaky Pussy..LOL Sounds about right.
  • jbone
    Just looking at the page's meta tags says a lot about whatever the author wanted to accomplish (ie - a hit from any search engine out there on almost all popular topics):
  • jbone
    sorry, here is is w/o the html tags:
    meta content="Sport,Bing,Google,Yahoo,Sex,Food,Travel,PC games,Computers,Iphones,Playboy,Wine,Drink,Women,Dating,Aliens,Mars,Racing,Football,Soccer,Dancing,America,Europe,Mortgages,Business,TV,Radio,Newspapers,Cars,Insurance,Diet,Titanic,Elvis,Finance,Murder," name="keywords"
    meta content="Sport,Bing,Google,Yahoo,Sex,Food,Travel,PC games,Computers,Iphones,Playboy,Wine,Drink,Women,Dating,Aliens,Mars,Racing,Football,Soccer,Dancing,America,Europe,Mortgages,Business,TV,Radio,Newspapers,Cars,Insurance,Diet,Titanic,Elvis,Finance,Murder," name="description"
  • I wonder how I can get free publicity of a site I have lol Stories like this just makes me think "wtf?"
  • In addition to the obvious domain squatting, this site says "fail," if you'll excuse the cliché, on so many levels.
    Anyone who publicly says that they hope to be "the next Harry Potter," the "next Michael Crichton," the "next Robert Jordan," or the next anything is not conducting themselves professionally as a writer.
    Aside from the fact that a book that sounds so obviously juvenile cannot possibly be as successful as a series with nearly universal appeal, when you try to compare yourself to a successful author your respect goes right out the window.
    Anything that's claiming to be the "next something" is generally not worth the attention. Success in literature is born from being unique and holding a wide audience's attention, not in playing "me too."
  • Not clever.
    By offering the domain for sale to Microsoft, he pretty much lost the case, and if Microsoft want the domain, they can simply claim it via quite a straightforward procedure.
  • Walter Will Wawrica Bing, I love it.
  • This story proves that reality is often stranger than fiction indeed. Thousands of smart people at Microsoft, and no one thought to reserve that domain? If that's the case, let the first squatter prevail!
  • phebs
    Have u seen its metatags keywords?? wth? u gotta love them lol; (Sex,Playboy,Women,Dating,Aliens,Mars,Racing,America,Europe,Mortgages,Diet,Titanic,Elvis,Murder...)
  • Funny stuff, and perhaps the cleverest domain squatting evar. The troll illustration that was stolen sans credit wasn't clever though. It is a famous children's book. Lame. Let me repeat that from my heart for you silly and successful TechCrunch gooses (kudos on your success btw!!) .. You are Lame.
    Good Night, you quota driven content Machine, Sincerely -
    The Whining Hobo, Chief of Angst and Grapes.
    PS. Please do look into that illustration. I really doubt it's commons, but even so, credit is due big time. (I won't show you who did it, because you are a donkey).
    PPS: Invent something that exists in the physical world, and then manufacture it here in the United States. Make some sawdust like me. You have know idea what I mean by that, and that relates to why you have no idea why I think you are such a squeaky pussy.
  • @ Nycteris - why do that for them?
  • Hi, Siegler, have you made a proposal to “wwwtechcrunch.com” which is a squatter site copying your site’s domain name? With about 20 million page views per month for your site, courtesy spelling mistakes, wwwtechcrunch.com must also be getting a good number of page views which must be driving the ads displayed on that site. While Google Trends for Websites does not show any visit data for wwwtechcrunch.com, my quick check at alexa.com shows that wwwtechcrunch.com has a 7-day average rank of 225,702 amongst all sites on the Internet! And, hold your breath, even BBC has committed a similar spelling mistake and has referred to your web address as “wwwtechcrunch.com” by conveniently forgetting the DOT in their web page athttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/tec... !!! You’ll have to view page source of this BBC page to view this mistake.
  • This is awesomely hilarious. There's some broken HTML in the source which seems rather bingy too. :)
    I wonder where that troll illustration came from. I like it.
    It's the perfect 1998 website.
  • Oh, it would be nifty to throw some nice javascript stardust/rainfall special effects over that page.
  • 3825, Project 3825 is an experiment.
    Why. would. you. give. him. such. an. idea? Now, he's going to do it.
    /Think of all the people who use No Script... :(
  • That picture is from the Gnome book, by the way, to attribute the artist Riein Poortvliet (http://www.amazon.com/Gnomes-W... )
  • Same thing I thought, yeah. Nostalgia...
    Defo proof that he's not working on a book (as if we'd need more proof =]), since that drawing is over 3 decades old. Apart from drawing attention from Microsoft, he might also get into some copyright party.
  • Matt Cutts, I'm the head of the webspam team at Google.
    Running the search query for the exact phrase ["Walter Will Wawrinka Bing"] at 9:13 p.m. Pacific time:
    - Google has 10 results (click to add "&filter=0" to see all the results)
    - Yahoo has 0 results
    - Microsoft has 0 results
    - Ask has 0 results
    - Twitter has 0 results
    - Blekko has a sock puppet :)
  • That happens because wwwbing isn't on Google:
  • Matt Cutts, I'm the head of the webspam team at Google.
    Actually as of 9:48 Pacific the domain wwwbing.com is in Google. The search ["Walter Will Wawrinka Bing"] returns the domain and the TechCrunch article at #1 and #2.
  • 3825, Project 3825 is an experiment.
  • shiver, I'd forgotten about that song...
  • and they are all TechCrunch or our lovely content scrapping sites, right? :)
  • Amit Bhawani, Professional Blogger & a SEO who is running a SEO Company from 2006 along with Web Development Business by offering many services. Amit Bhawani is the Director of Digital World Solutions which is a Website Development Company.
    Currently 1300+ results for "wwwbing.com" and all are because of this post :)
  • Current result count on Google: "5,860"
  • Mike
    I cannot wait to see Adsense ads on that domain soon, that will be the kicker.
  • I STILL don't fully understand all the rules surrounding domains and when it's legal to squat and when it's not.
  • Me neither. It was like the debate when google had to take companies to court for taking their name and registering it in different languages.
  • well i suppose he could argue it's the name of his book :)
  • There's 0 % chance that MS won't get this via WIPO. This guy better be careful, he might get slapped with damages. oddly the traffic stats are all over the place.
  • It won't be soon before MSFT shuts down wwwbing.com, they did to bing-new.com a while back.
  • "he could argue it’s the name of his book "
    Only if he can prove that he was working on the book before Microsoft came up with Bing.
    Otherwise, Microsoft can simply go to WIPO can get his domain handed to Microsoft.
    Its as simple as that.
    WIPO was set up exactly for bullshit like this.

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